Never spend the weekend charting. Leave the office when your last patient Leave!

Automatic SOAP Notes From The Patient Conversations.

HIPAA compliant



Accurate SOAPs

SOAPME’s AI-powered technology generates SOAP notes automatically from clinician-patient conversations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency with industry-approved templates.


Fast & Secure

Hand over instruction notes to the patient directly when your visit ends, our technology creates SOAP notes Fast and securely, and it’s HIPPA compliant.


Focus more on Patients

Experience the convenience of accurate, hassle-free note-taking with SOAPME’s innovative SAAS app so you can focus more on your patients instead of making Notes.

How Does This Work?


While starting your visit, Ask for permission to record a conversation with the patient and Just start recording in SOAPME’s Web app (you can use it on your smartphone too)

That’s all, when you stop recording, our AI will be summarizing, and structuring key information accurately and output Ready to use SOAP notes.


Review the SOAP notes, and edit them if you want. we also support editing with voice so you don’t need to type manually, you can select the text, and speak directly to edit that text.

You can Print these notes or copy text to use in your EHR systems.

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Our Mission

Provide the Best Software solutions to clinicians so they can focus more on their actual work, free them from burnout and documentation work so patients can get better attention from clinicians.

Why Choose SOAPME?

AI-Powered Automation
User-Friendly Platform
Flexible Subscription Plans
HIPPA Compliant
Family Time for Clinicians

Our Story

Some of our family members and friends are clinicians, we show that they are not able to spend quality family time with us because they are working on their laptops to create charting of their patients all the time.

This is a genuine problem that we thought could be solved with Artificial Intelligence, so here we are, with the best AI SOAP note creator to make clinicians’ lives easy!

Simplify Your Note-Taking Process with SOAPME

Discover the convenience and efficiency of our AI-powered SAAS app. Get started today!

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